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  • Hair Extension Release

H2GO Adhesive Remover

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  • H2GO is a non-flammable remover for water-based adhesives. 
  • This specially formulated solvent will leave very little oily residue and will make the removal of water-based glues faster and easier.
  • Available in: 4oz Spray (118ml). 

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  • This H2GO product easily remove white liquid adhesive residue, while also placing an importance on safety.
  • H2GO is the first non-flammable adhesive remover on the market.
  • Many adhesive removers use harsh chemicals that are not only flammable, but also unsafe for your skin.
  • This adhesive remover solution must be shaken before use, and then sprayed onto your system or skin.
  • After allowing it to sit for up to 10 seconds, you can begin removing the adhesive residue.
  • We recommend using an exfoliating mitt to make the process easier.
  • Available in: 4oz Spray (118ml).

Data sheet

Brand Name
Walker Tape
Product Name
Hair Extensions Remover
Accessory's Origin
Walker Tape - USA
Accessory's Type
Hair Extensions Accessories
Hair Type
Hair Extensions Accessories
1 Piece Spray 118 ml
All Types of Hair Extensions

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