What Does the Grading System Mean for Hair Extensions?

Is Your Hair Graded?

Sadly, the truthful answer is probably not.


Because a grading system for the quality of hair extensions does not exist.

Why do we see on basically every website that sells hair extensions, “5A, 7A, 8A...12A quality hair” or “AAAAAA highest quality virgin Remy hair”?

The simple answer is that this type of grading has to become a marketing ploy in an aggressive and competitive market.

The hair grading system is one of the most confusing and frustrating measurements of quality for hair extension buyers worldwide.

For those who are unfamiliar, a lot of new hair companies and Chinese vendors have begun labeling their hair as AAA, AAAAA+, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, leaving consumers confused as to what those letters indicate. 

Technically the higher the letter rating, the better the quality of hair. So, 9A would be considered “best” while AAA is “mediocre”.  

In reality, it is a bunch of crap, completely false. It is a good idea in theory, but that is exactly what it is: “a theory”.  

There is no governing body that regulates these ratings, nor is there a standard set of requirements that need to be met to give your hair a certain rating.  

The Truth about the hair extensions grading system is:

No international or local body is responsible for measuring and upholding the industry standard for hair wholesalers or companies to adhere to.

Sadly, many dishonest companies have continuously misrepresented the grading of their hair as there is no authority to check or verify the quality.

Many sellers can call their hair any grade they choose to without fear of consequence and this is the reason why so many customers have been misled into buying hair that was called grade 7A or 8A or 9A or higher and quickly realizing that the quality of the hair was grossly misled.

So what?

So of course, most companies, especially from China, those on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, are going to say that their hair is 10A or 12A!

When a few years ago, we first started seeing the letter rating of hair extensions, the highest that even existed was 5A or AA+.

Then someone had the bright idea to go one better with 6A, then after 10A or AAAA+.

We mean if 5A is good then 9A must be great, right? Chinese, Instagram, and YouTube hair companies are good for it!

But what does it mean?  

Nothing at all.

And now?

Some sources say 3A means it is all virgin hair, 5A guarantees the cuticles are in the same direction, so forth, and so on.  

Well-established, reputable companies don’t even bother with this nonsense.  

A rating system is only helpful if there is a regulatory organization and/or requirements that must be met for each grade.  

Otherwise, anyone can label their product with whatever grade they want.  

After all, who cares?