LCD Ultrasonic "Cold Fusion" Machine
  • LCD Ultrasonic "Cold Fusion" Machine

"Cold Fusion" Machine LCD Ultrasonic for Hair Extensions Bonding

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  • Our most advanced Ultrasonic "Cold Fusion" Hair Extensions Machine, with a large LCD screen display, is very easy to use, so it can not burn or damage the hair.
  • This is a "Cold Fusion" method that does not use heat to melt the bonds.
  • An LCD screen allows you to adjust the ultrasonic setting time from 2-5 seconds and can be made as accurate as 0.1 seconds.
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  • Our LCD Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Hair Extensions Machine is the newest Hair Extensions Machine that is used to bond Hair Extensions. 
  • It is very easy to use, so it can not burn or damage the hair.
  • This "Cold Fusion" method does not use heat.
  • Ultrasound vibrations soften the hair extension bond so that it can either be molded into a rounded bond for volume or wrapped around the hair to form a flat and seamless bond.
  • Our Ultrasonic Cold Machine can accomplish amazing results for a person with extremely fine, thin hair and the result is undetectable attachments that are durable and, most importantly, non-damaging the person's own hair.                                                                
  • Professional salon tool.
  • Professional touch button.
  • Large LCD screen display.
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Data sheet

Brand Name
Product Name
LCD Large Screen Ultrasonc "Cold Fusion"
Accessory's Origin
Accessory's Type
Professional Hair Extensions Tools
Accessory's Color
1.6 kg
Euopean / South African plug
220 - 240V
All Types of Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

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