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Our company, TheDreamHair, is the largest 100% Remy Virgin Indian Human Hair Extensions online store in South Africa!

TheDreamHair only uses Indian Temple Hair Extensions in all its products with all the cuticle facing in the same direction as natural hair.

TheDreamHair purchases the highest quality 100% Virgin Indian Human Hair, available from Indian temples, directly from a source in India who cleans and colours them into several beautiful colours.

TheDreamHair ensures that the Virgin Indian Human Hair purchased comes with its natural colour, Off Black (#1B), this proves that it is pure Virgin Remy Indian Human Hair which has never been treated with lighteners or dyes.

The variety of hair colours that we sell are all 100% Remy Virgin Indian Hair that have been gently lightened or dyed to several beautiful colours.

As you know, Indian hair is naturally Black in Colour. To get the beautiful “Browns and Blondes”, the hair is de-coloured by a gentle diffusion (osmosis) process which can take up to 25 days to achieve. This process leaves the hair as healthy as possible with a strong intact cuticle. The hair is then tinted and toned with plant based colours to create the colours and blends available.

We have everything you need to help you make the best choice for what will likely be your most important purchase: Your 100% Remy Virgin Indian Human Hair Extensions!

We thoroughly analyse and evaluate every item at TheDreamHair and only carry products with the highest integrity.

We are striving to carry the best quality products at the affordable prices and our Remy Virgin Indian Human Hair provides beautiful volume, length and colour.

We offer you all attachment methods available on the market.

Enjoy easy shopping on our secure site. If you don't see exactly what you want, email us at info@thedreamhair.com, we would love your feedback and will do our best to fulfil your needs.

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10 Benefits of Hair Extensions

Getting hair extensions is very exciting and can really change your life. There are many benefits to hair extensions. Here are 10!

  • Feel more confident! You will instantly feel sexier, more feminine, and more energized!                                                                      
  • Add colour without any damage to your hair. Get highlights with the colour of your choice. You can easily take them out when you're over it! 
  • Cover any split ends. When hair extensions are attached you will have healthy hair all over again! Extensions will help cover all your damaged ends and leave your hair looking shiny and fabulous!                                                                                                             
  • Add length. Extensions will instantly give you the long hair you've been wanting. Get up to 32" (80cm) in just a few hours!                   
  • Grow your natural hair out. Give your hair a break and let the extensions take the heat. While wearing the extensions it will give your hair time to grow to your desired length.                                                                                                                                                   
  • Have length, but want volume? Adding extensions will pump up the volume and give your hair movement! Achieve the style you want with a little more volume!                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Look younger. Hair extensions will present a healthier, younger more vibrant looking you!                                                                  
  • Boost your social life! Don’t let your hair leave you feeling secure and anti-social. When you're confident in the way you look, you will want to bust out the front door and show off!                                                                                                                                      
  • Not permanent. Unlike colour and cuts, extensions are reusable! Try them out, if you feel they're not for you then take them out with little to no effects on your own hair.                                                                                                                                                  
  • Unlimited hair styling possibilities! Long sexy ponytails, up-do's, straight ironed, etc... Get your Free, No obligation consultation today at: TheDreamHair.


“Hello there, I just would like to say that I got my hair extensions and they were excellent! Perfect color match and they arrived very quickly, and I was blown away by the customer service at The Dream Hair.I was nervous at first I had never ordered anything from Cape Town. I am so glad you ship worldwide, and I am very happy with this product,I will be telling my friends as well as making another purchase in the near future I am sure.

Jane Phillips, Johannesburg-South Africa

“Dear TheDreamHair, thanks for my amazing extensions. They came really quickly and the quality of the hair is fantastic really thick and silky.
I had tried a set of much cheaper extensions just to try them and see if I could get on with them because my hair is fairly short at the back.After deciding that I like them I researched the internet for a better set and settled for TheDreamHair. I could feel difference in quality straight away. I have them as a xmas present so can't wear them yet but can't wait. I just have to colour them because although almost a match my hair is slightly more auburn than the colour I chose. I really like the small clips as well they are really secure in my fine hair.
Once again thanks for great service.”

Renee Portia, Perth-Australia.